Paintober, Day 1 – Watchful and Intent

Yesterday, I learned about Inktober, NaNoWriMo’s more squid-juice-friendly cousin. I’m already enjoying watching my friends experiment and professional artists I admire craft tiny vignettes.

I needed a creative outlet last night, and @snarke suggested #paintober–so every day this month, I’ll be taking brush to canvas or sponge to popcorn box, or whatever medium I ultimately select after my proper supply runs out.

I’d originally intended this piece to consist entirely of layering with different shades of bright and pale blue, as well as various techniques for applying those shades. The crimson and vermillion proved too tempting to resist, however; I believe that the confusion in the center has its roots closer to the Eye of Sauron than to a black hole. There’s a consciousness there, though not necessarily an evil, CGI one. It’s bound by the lighter, more subtle hues that surround and influence its movement. It’s not going anywhere.

After painting, I ran this image through a partial Color Dodge and then a Linear Light filter, deepening the colors and adding a richer blue-green-red blend.




20171002_115131 after

Currently filling a Post-It note, that most venerated option for modern-day parchment, with concepts for Day Two….


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