Paintober, Day 3 – The Wire

For today’s postcard, I began by dipping a sponge into a pool of crimson, and liked the effect enough that I envisioned I’d make the entire piece a series of interlocking swirls…but something about the lemon strands connecting to the black poles reminded me of two tin cans connected by string. That, in turn, conjured a mental images of telephone poles, which led me to start humming “Under The Wire.”

“Under The Wire” is a song by Carbon Leaf that I recently covered, and although it’s (generally assumed to be) about the loss and hope of a rekindling a relationship, I always associate it with travel. And one would, on a non-metaphorical train, surely note miles and miles of telephone poles.

Postal version:

under the wire
With linear light, darkening, and noise effects added:

under the wire after

And so “The Wire” is a communication piece. Would that we always be as successful as the pole on the right.


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