Paintober, Day 4 – A Harvest of Coats

For today’s postcard, I thought I’d try a background of solid yellow ochre, with a simple solid circle in the center comprised of an ultramarine blue / cobalt blue blend.

After swirling the blue, however, the piece seemed to be asking for a crimson and lemon border, similar to an acoustic guitar’s inlay.


Deciding to pursue a coat of arms theme, I applied several layers of paint and then washed most of the areas off with water, hoping I’d dilute them enough to mimic a faded, ancient crest. Then I added forest green and realized that my inlays now resembled trees, and in turn, the swirls were now delectable, non-GMO fruit.

This was a story of how sometimes you start drawing a solid circle, but end up with a tropical island full of produce.

“A Harvest of Coats,” postal version:

a harvest of coats

With color dodge modification and patchwork effects:

a harvest of coats after

I particularly like the latter version; somehow, it reminds me of a 1920s print ad.


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