Paintober, Day 16 – Upside Down

It’s the fin-al post-card. Da da da daaa. Dum de da da daaaaa.

A few hours ago, I finished Season 1 of Stranger Things, which I began yesterday afternoon. Although it’s only 8 episodes, I’d assumed it would take me several days, but it turns out that the show is simply too good, and I am but mortal.

It seemed fitting, then, that the last postcard in the deck should be a view of The Upside Down. Tomorrow, I’ll move on to artist’s tiles.

The base of the card is lamp black, sponged onto an incredibly wet  surface. I added crimson and forest green, washed away a sizable percentage of the evidence, then added much brighter colors for hope. It’s what the residents of Hawkins would want.

Postal version:

Upside down.jpg

With a multiply effect:

Upside down after

Really craving some Eggos for some reason.


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