Paintober, Day 19 – Wash Away The Rain

For me, no conversation about music videos is complete without mentioning “Black Hole Sun.”  It’s 23 years old now, and it’s still surreal, unsettling, and fascinating to watch all at the same time.

The song is one of my favorites, and certainly the band’s most well-known single. I love the video, although there’s one shot, towards the end, where I STILL have to look away because it gives me the creeps. You can probably guess.

After painting a sun in lemon, I added a black hole that’s equal parts lamp black and crimson red. The piece was soaked, allowing for a bit of chaos to run through it. I used a blend of burnt sienna and titanium white to fill in between the rays.


Original version:

Wash away the rain.jpg

With color burn and color dodge effects:

Wash away the rain color burn and dodge


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