Paintober, Day 21 – Safety Lights Are For Dudes

For about fifteen minutes, today’s painting was a color silhouette of the greatest character in the the Ghostbusters universe.


I’d painted the surface lamp black. Once that dried, I had used a sponge dipped in bright yellow for her feathery hair, and added her goggles (with crimson and viridian, as I’m out of both orange and darker yellow shades).

I was pleased, but it wasn’t quite right, so I decided to also paint the rest of her face, and that’s when things went a bit off the rails. She now looked like some manner of jelly monster wearing a wig made from bananas. I spritzed heavily and washed off most of her chin, but when I repainted in, her goggles had become part of her facial structure.

And so Holtzmann’s portrait instead became a peek inside the containment unit.

I washed about half her features away, then used the sponge to swirl ghost-like patterns in the remaining paint. I squirted another healthy dose of crimson, bright yellow, and viridian, and spread them throughout the tile, crafting agitated spirit trails.


Original version:

saftey lights are for dudes.jpg

With color burn, lighten, and plastic wrap effects:

safety lights are for dudes after

Slimer contained in a small space can’t be an ideal situation for anyone involved.


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