Paintober, Day 22 – Worn and Wonderful

Earlier this month, I wrote a very short story about a doctor who suspects she took the wrong path, and tries to make amends to her younger self. That story begins:

When her last patient had gone and the computers were powered down, Elizabeth reached into the overheard locker and squinted at the map, highlighted, worn and wonderful. She could’ve punched the address into her GPS, but that always felt too safe. Safe was for parent-teacher conferences and blacksmithing classes. Exploration, though: that required a MAP.

Today’s project is a cross-section from said map. The base is a mixture of diluted yellow ochre and burnt sienna, with crimson, viridian, black, and titanium white hinting at ancient mysteries.

Original version:

worn and wonderful.jpg

With a patchwork effect:

worn and wonderful after


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