Paintober, Day 24 – Flexed on a Full Moon

About 12 years ago, I was hobbiting around the house when I heard this on my indie alternative station, back when that was a thing.**

**Somewhere, it’s probably still a thing.

All I knew then was that I loved the song; it would be another few weeks before I moved on to others and realized that Imogen Heap is one of the most creative musicians working today. It was through her that I discovered Zoe Keating, another groundbreaking artist, and one I’d be lucky enough to later meet on the Jonathan Coulton Cruise.

After many years of unsuccessfully trying to see Immi live and finally accepting it probably would never happen (I lived in an area where she never toured), I managed it by accident in 2016 when she was a featured performer on the JoCo Cruise. She received a standing ovation during her set (after the second song)–the only artist I’m aware of that has done so in the 6 years I’ve attended that event. Her show was everything I could’ve wanted.

So here’s “Flexed on a Full Moon,” based on Tidal.

Original version:


With color burn and hard mix effects:

tidal after


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