Paintober, Day 27 – That Which Smashes

We’re about to enter the season of celebration! It’s that hallowed time of year when we are filled with spirit, rejoice in the things that bring us joy, and receive gifts.

I’m speaking, of course, about Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Comic Book Movie Time.

It begins next week with Thor: Ragnarok, which you already know because you watched The Hulk’s entrance like 495 times over the summer.


So I thought that today, I’d paint Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer.

This was my first time working with watercolors in several years, and I’d forgotten the extent to which they tend to be a bit….what’s the word?


Right. Within the first two minutes, it became abundantly clear that whatever I was panting did not resemble a hammer, nor ANY kind of tool or weapon. So instead, the painting’s focus shifted to the *aftermath* of said hammer. What would the sparks look like upon collision?

Salvaging some of the black and blue hues from the original work, I washed off most of the rest and used a combination of brushes and sponges to create a bruised, bubbly effect. I finished by adding sky blue as an accent. I particularly like the magenta  / ultramarine tattoo in the bottom left.

Original version:

that which smashes.jpg

With craquelure and watercolor effects:

craquelure watercolor



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