Paintober, Day 30 – Soothed

When I moved to the Portland area in late January, it rained every third day or so for months. I became accustomed to the perpetual drum of precipitation on our roof, to clothes and shoes never quite drying before they were soaked anew, to splashing through mini-moats every time I drove.

And then in early June, it suddenly stopped, and didn’t start again until October. At the same time, we had the third-hottest summer on record, AND the hottest August ever recorded in Portland.


Also, we did not have air conditioning, and with temps frequently exceeding 100 degrees, even multiple fans didn’t cool us down.

giphy (1).gif

Oh, AND the region also had a dust storm for several weeks, plus an enormous wildfire that’s still burning.

Things were a bit uncomfortable.


And then, one glorious day, the rain finally found its way back, and NE’ER WAS THERE A MORE BLESSED DAY IN ALL THE KINGDOM.

“Soothed” is the transition to relief, that sigh of contentment that only the long-term parched know.

Original version:


With soft light and color burn effects:

soft light color burn.jpg


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