Paintober, Day 31 – The Weather Always Feels This Way

I’ve really enjoyed this project, y’all. It’s going to feel strange to wake up tomorrow and realize there’s no Paintober Day 32. I highly suspect November will involve a different “create something every day” initiative.

Let’s hear it for blogging!

giphy (1).gif

Since today is Halloween and I wanted to paint something theme-appropriate, my last painting for #Paintober is “The Weather Always Feels This Way,” based on Jonathan Coulton’s “Blue Sunny Day.” It’s a cheery, jaunty tale of a vampire who hates himself.

Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, sun shines overhead
I’d be there to see it, but I can’t get out of bed
Since the day you left, the weather always feels this way
One more blue sunny day

This is the first piece I’ve done that was almost entirely painted via sponge, except for the bat (which probably looks a little too much like the Batman logo, but I don’t imagine he’ll mind).

How did the door get placed in the middle of that field?  Why isn’t the vampire’s hidden room larger?  Why doesn’t he at least have some furniture or something?  Since the only handle is on the OUTSIDE, how is he going to open the door once the sun goes down? For that matter, how will he KNOW when the sun sets?

It’s a Halloween mystery. 

the weather always feels this way.jpg

Goodnight, dear Reader. Goodnight….whatever you are.


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