NaNoBlogMo, Day 1 – The post script’s post script

I’m doing that which I ne’er imagined I would; I’ve become one of those people who engages in NaNoWhoseewhatsis shenanigans.

“Well,” I said to myself, “Obviously, I need to begin with Stranger Things. There’s so much to process.”  Then I immediately realized two things:

1. When people type “I said to myself,” there’s a rather high probability that they didn’t say anything at all.

2. Season 2 of Stranger Things was released less than a week ago; many people haven’t watched it yet. Do I want it said, when the books are closed and our history is writ, that one time in 2017, I was a spoiler? That I gazed upon the field of television experiences, sought out the Stranger crop, and said “Lo! Behold this fine crop which I shall now INFECT WITH LOCUSTS.”

Nay, Reader. I do not.

That’s the problem with spoilers: they lead to locusts.

As is the fashion these days, Stranger Things apparently has an aftershow, which I realized only finishing the series. Were it not for the fact that it’s on a competing network, I’m sure the King of the Post-Game Show would be bouncing all over the studio**

giphy (2).gif

**and he’d probably hand out Eggos to everyone in the audience.

So naturally, I had to wonder: are we already headed for Aftershowception?  Is 2018 going to be the year when Chris Hardwick hosts a show about the show he just hosted about the show?  How meta is too meta for geeks?

And while I’m pondering, how long did it take the stylists every morning to touch up Axel’s hair?


I am on a curiosity voyage and I need my paddles to travel. 


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