NaNoBlogMo, Day 7 – Virginia is for love, not hate

In a few hours, it’ll be November 8th. One year ago, we watched in horror as our country elected a monster.

Tonight, in Virginia, voters elected Danica Roem to the state legislature. Danice is the first openly transgender person elected to that office, and she defeated an incredibly transphobic Republican candidate who had served 13 terms.


Kelly Fowler won election to Virginia’s House of Delegates.


Ms. Fowler wore the scariest costume she could think of for Halloween.

Democrats won the governor’s race, the Attorney General’s race, and picked up 13 seats in the House of Delegates.

I’m still worried about 2018. I’m still not sure we’ll even have elections. Part of me suspects that the Trump Administration will manufacture a national emergency immediately before voting is scheduled to occur, or North Korea will be bombed, or some other event intended to interfere with our process will be thrust upon us. As we know, they’ve done so before.

But tonight, there’s a flicker of hope.


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