NaNoBlogMo, Day 12 – YubNub Step

Periodically, I dig into the search terms on my blog, which helps me understand how people find Most of the searches now are classified as Unknown due to a change in what information Google’s privatizes, but I did discover that at one point, someone had arrived here by searching “yubnub step.”

As a human living on Earth**, dear Reader, I presume you’re aware that “Yub Nub” is the colloquial title for “Ewok Celebration,” the song our heroes perform at the end of Return of the Jedi. I’ve heard that it was replaced by a different song for the 1997 Special Edition release of that film, but I haven’t watched said edition beyond the scenes in Jabba’s palace, and I have no plans to do so. The original is my headcanon, as it is for others.

**I apologize if that’s presumptuous, statistically-improbable humans.

Dubstep is a musical style I don’t understand, unless it’s perhaps done by Lindsey Stirling, who’s so talented that she pull off almost anything.

As far as I know, sadly, there has not been a “Yub Nub” dubstep cover.

But I salute you, anonymous Googler, for your brave pursuit of Ewokian sick dance moves.

giphy (1).gif
Drop tha bass, DJ.

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