NaNoBlogMo, Day 13 – It makes as much sense as anything else

Lately, I’ve been taking daily inspiration from NYT Minus Context, a Twitter account that strips sentences (or sometimes phrases) out of New York Times articles and tweets them without any contextual understanding. It’s like a nihilistic quote-a-day calendar.

On any given day, you might receive some sage advice.

Ahhhhh, the power of beam.
And even maple syrup ice cream, which I’ve never actually seen on a menu, but am confident exists.
Do you know who’s bought a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and regretted it? NO ONE, THAT’S WHO.

You might encounter an existential issue you’d not previously considered.

Though not an expert, I’m told this isn’t really a possibility.

Some universal truths that you’d never taken the time to notice might become abundantly clear.

Note: While this statement is, as everyone knows, 100% true, I do not recommend searching for GIFs of Woody Woodpecker. That cartoon is creepier than you remember.

Sometimes, NYT Minus Context offers observations for our Trumpian times.

Twitter isn’t solely responsible for this, of course, but given the fact that they absolutely refuse to ban or even suspend Nazis while instead banning the victims of white supremacist harassment, the company isn’t helping make this less true. Get better, Twitter.
The unofficial slogan of 2017.

Even when certain things seem obvious, it’s occasionally reassuring to know that there is still some semblance of order.

The same thing they do every night, Pinky.

And on a tough day, vignettes can transport us to captivating worlds and provide much-needed escapism.

As opposed to, say, going to an Applebee’s and CLAIMING it’s a cemetery, which would prove quite confusing to all involved.
“A Goiter at the Drudgery” is probably a Decemberists song.

So thank you, NYT Minus Context. You’re doing the Lord’s work.


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