NaNoBlogMo, Day 23 – And you should see how I dance

Last night, dear Reader, I attempted to make a joke.

The household had been talking about retail chains that have passed on to that Checkout Lane in the Sky. Someone had mentioned the softer side of Sears, and I’d tried to ask, essentially, “How soft is it?”

It crashed and burned. @jillwebb thought that I wasn’t familiar with that particular ad campaign (I was), and @snarke thought I was poking fun at people who shop at Sears (I wasn’t). My joke-fu was so lacking, Reader, that two different people arrived at two different conclusions, and neither was remotely funny.

I briefly considered moving to the Alps and knitting sweaters for moose.

Early-series Cordelia was not interested in exploring all her options.

I was a tad embarrassed that the joke didn’t work and I called attention to that fact, because that’s what I do.**

@jillwebb replied: “Blog post!”

**This is not a winning strategy in all situations.


AND SO, friends and friends-to-be, one of the things–just one out of many–that I am thankful for on the holiday that America reserves for such a purpose*** is that I tell jokes badly and you like me anyway.

***To a lesser degree, Thanksgiving exists as an occasion to eat too many biscuits and to practice not dumping cranberry sauce on your climate-change-denying uncle’s head.

Happy Thanksgiving, US-dwellin’ weirdos.

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