Joseph Writes Fanfic drabbles, Day 1: JoCo

All this month, I’ll be writing drabbles about various fandoms (Buffy, Preacher, Star Trek, Marvel, etc), as close to 100 words as possible.

In honor of today being JoCo Day, Drabble the First is Jonathan Coulton-themed.

Probably off somewhere having a party.


His lower lip curled slightly, giving his mustache a tiny roller coaster ride as beeps and boops oozed out from the keyboard. “But my bear claws love bearclaws, and–wait. I’m not sure about this key.”

“Try jumping a step,” Christine’s voice floated from the next room. “What’s this one about?”

“A bear wakes up late and finds the doughnut shop sold all his favorite doughnuts.”  He marked something with a pencil in the worn, dog-eared notebook next to him.

“Where does the bear keep its wallet?”, she asked.

Jonathan blinked at his coffee mug, surprised. “I…may need another verse.”


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