Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 7 – Treebeard / Rock Biter

“From my cellar. The North had delicious gourmet flavors,” the Rock Biter growled slowly. “I thought they had all perished, but last year, I picked up a vintage! Mmmmmmm. I will break rock with you.”

Bru-ra-hoom,” Treebeard sputtered, pressing his enormous branch-hand on his guest’s shoulder. “I am grateful, strong friend-rock, but I drink Ent-draught. You bite rocks. It is the way of things.”

The Rock Biter considered this, and then lifted his gift-wrapped rock again. “The way of things allows for sharing a snack with a friend.”

Treebeard allowed himself a pocket-sized grin. Surely just a nibble wouldn’t hurt.

fe1c0b8c9f014a729107ec5e1dd2eb5b--green-man-green-life copy.jpg
You’ve got to try it with a dollop of hollandaise. Delish.

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