Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 14 – Mystery Science Theater 3000

“But don’t you ever wonder, Cam?”, Tom Servo asked gruffly, his gumball-machine dome shining under the artificial light. “He knows everything about us, but we’ve shared a ship with him for years and we’re in the dark even on the basics!  That’s got to violate some kind of robot roommate code!”

Cambot said nothing.

From his recliner, Crow chuckled, a high-pitched sound like a chicken singing through a kazoo. “Tommy, how he eats and breathes is his bag of potatoes, you know?  Let the man have his secrets.”

“It’s not just a show,” Servo muttered to himself. “This is life.”

And for that matter, just how many science facts ARE there that we’re not privy to? It should end, I tell you! I DEMAND TO BE PRIVY.

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