Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 18 – Sherlock

“You’re mistaken, John, a condition with which you ought to be familiar by now. I am a high-functioning sociopath, and–”

“No.” Dr. John Watson drummed his fingers on the table quietly, but the sound somehow filled the Baker Street loft. “You desperately want everyone to believe that. It’s easier. But you care for Mary, for me, for Mrs. Hudson. You’re ridden by a stalwart conscience. And Molly. What you said–”

“Don’t talk about her, John.” A strange note in his voice.

“Sociopathy is a lie you hide behind, Sherlock. And I wish you’d be honest with yourself.”



Sherlock has some emotional challenges, undoubtedly…but this argument that he’ s a sociopath (even when he’s saying it) is complete nonsense. The series goes out of its way to show us he’s not. Either Moffat (and quite a few fans) doesn’t know what that word means, or Moffat’s counting on us to understand that Sherlock is convincing himself  it’s true because he needs that nonsense as a shield.

I prefer to believe the latter.

giphy (1).gif
You can’t fully appreciate my genius until the eyebrow pops. Yes, you don’t have to conceal your envy. I impress even myself from time to time.

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