Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 19 – Preacher / The Big Lebowski

“See, this don’t fuckin’ soehrprise me,” Cassidy said, taking a generous swig from his glass. “I cahmplain abooeht yooehr bloody stupid felm ‘avin no plaht, and den Camann poehts me in wit you guys. What the fuck, am I right?”

“Who’s this Camann? Who are you WORKING FOR?”, Walter bellowed as he grabbed his Uzi from behind the bowling ball rack. “I did not watch my buddies die in ‘Nam so you could–”

“Walter, would you just take it easy, man?”, said the Dude, shooting Cassidy an apologetic look.”Sorry.”

“Who’s doing what now, Walter?” Donnie asked, tying his shoe.



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