Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 23 – Bob Ross / Mr. Rogers

“It’s lovely to meet you, seat-neighbor.” Mr. Rogers smiled, swinging his legs onto the footrest. Private planes were so much more spacious than their commercial cousins. His pennyloafers sank into the plush material. He stuck his hand out. “Fred Rogers. Is this your first?”

The other man chuckled, making his afro wiggle. “No siree Bob!  That’s me, by the way. Former Master Sergeant Robert Ross. Did they tell you much?”

“Only that we’d be briefed an hour before landing. Guess we’ve still got a-ways to go.”

Ross checked the grenade launcher on the seat next to him again.”Good. Do you like trees?”

Just some friendly advice, my friends, and I hope you take it to heart-: if you’re someone who’s maybe involved in some evil business, you might want to reflect on your life choices soon. As in, this evening. My new friend and I, we can be….very persuasive. 

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