Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 26 – Hagrid

“Dunno where they came from. Jus’ showed up in my garden hollerin’ and hootin’! Aren’ they beautiful?”, Hagrid said lovingly, petting one of the porgs.

“Awwwof!”, the porg chittered, alarmed at the size of the gamekeeper’s hand. Hagrid chuckled. “Not useta that, see, contact with people. I’m gonna train ’em up, though, maybe order some matchin’ outfits.”

“Feowfrf?”, asked the porg.

“Naw, not glitter,” Hagrid explained, watching Hermione’s horrified expression carefully. “I was thinkin’ sequins, maybe with mini-hats and canes.”

The porg’s thoughts raced. Isolation on Ahch-To with a mopey Jedi was one thing, but it didn’t look good in sequins.

I’m usually a 1 wide by 1 long, you know?

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