Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 29 – Supergirl

“D’ya ever think we’re–I don’t know–TOO woke?”, Winn asked, running his fingers through his spiky hair. “I mean, our show is uplifting, progressive, chock-full of heart, calls out this horrifying Administration…”

J’onn frowned dramatically. “What show?”

“Are you feeling all right, Winn?”, Kara asked. “Is this about that new Netflix series again? I promise I will check it out, but I’ve been a little busy…”

“No, it’s…it’s nothing.” Winn slouched in his chair, pretending to investigate an innocuous boop from one of his terminals. The curse was maddening: he knew they were fictional, and they could never understand.

I mean, I spend 39 hours a week forced to hunch over monitors I’m not actually watching, and Season 4 of Black Mirror dropped today. I’m just sayin’.

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