Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 31 – A Victorian handheld fan explains its flirting techniques

Please understand that I do not wish to appear a braggart, but my education was quite rigorous and my subsequent renown justified. My movements were beautiful language: stationing myself to rest upon my client’s chest signified that her love for the object of her affection  was breaking her heart. Rapidly shuttering my appendages implied jealously, whereas a slow crawl through the length of my Mistress’s hand would announce to all that she was married.

My career is a blur of masquerade balls and debonair sundries, at which I always performed while impeccably dressed. My coworkers were dedicated, but not all possessed could successfully sustain their ambition or dexterity over a period of years, as did I. The portable smart telephone popular today may captivate young ladies with their modernity and shiny countenances, but I hold that among fashion accessories, true elegance must be flapped.

While I am pleased to offer you the opportunity for education, you must be content with the knowledge that the tales in my forthcoming memoir are only a small fraction of a sizable narrative; many of my more salacious endeavors are not my secrets to tell.

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