Stories by Mail, Day 9 – Delayed recognition



Twenty more steps to the lab.

Her breathing labored, Dr. Lynette Spencer smashed her code into the keypad with a level of force that would’ve  overwhelmed a moose. She strode to the triple-locked door located in the back, passing a panoply of cutting-edge gene splicers and a computer capable of calculations that wouldn’t be commercially available for another ten years. It took several minutes to bypass the multiple security measures upon which she had insisted.

“I did it,” Dr. Spencer said in the soundproof, dimly-lit room. Her voice shook. “I don’t understand why you insisted, but I delivered. They’ll name you the state fossil next month. Now what about your promise?”

The sleepy coelophysis, extinct for approximately 200 million years and still slightly groggy from its nap, squeaked out a miniature roar.

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