Stories by Mail, Day 11 – The barrel seals the spirit


Well, something like this was perhaps inevitable. Given the size of the postcard, I figured I’d aim for about 70 words. It ended up being over 200, so then I tried entering at the halfway mark…but THEN I misspelled “inconspicuous,” and my attempts to use correction fluid made the section so unreadable that I skipped over that area and moved on. Everything was fine for about 45 seconds, until I realized that even though I’d cut half the story out, the ending wasn’t going to fit either. Needless to say, I won’t be mailing this one!!



“…and typically, you’d be meeting with my Master Taster, but I haven’t seen a prospective order this large in years,” the owner said cheerfully. “I asked Jeff if he’d mind me stealing his thunder. One of the perks of being in charge.” Forte thought the man might’ve grinned; the lower half of his face was almost entirely concealed by ferocious facial hair. “So, what are your plans for 100 barrels of whisky, if you’re open to–Mr. Forte? Everything all right?”

Edward Forte sewed crumpled lines in and out of his brow. He’d been gaping at a small, strangely inconspicuous portrait of the distillery’s founder, which was resting on the wall directly in his sight line. “Uh. Yes, of course. Sorry. It’s just…that portrait. He’s your spitting image.”

The owner chuckled lightly. He turned a glass over in his hand, watching the whisky slip in and out of the ice cubes. “So I’ve been told. He was born in the 19th century. I should hope to look so good at 169!” Forte relaxed and made pish-toshing noises, warming to his proposal.

It wasn’t until several hours later, alone in his apartment, that he realized the owner never actually denied being the man in the portrait.

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