Stories by Mail, Day 15 – A brother’s burden



“….calcite deposits that form when water flows down the cave’s walls. Beautiful, isn’t it? This particular wall stands 75 feet high, and–”

Nathan surreptitiously elbowed his younger brother as the tour guide droned on. “What d’ya figure they’ve got trapped in there?”

Stuart glanced up from his notebook in confusion, his pen dragging until the word “feet” more closely resembled an inebriated triangle than anything in English. “Who’s ‘they’?  Who’s trapped what?” Nathan was three years his senior, and therefore was thoroughly versed in the world’s machinations.  The elder sibling considered it his responsibility to educate Stuart regarding the Iluminati, the faked moon landing, the Kennedy assassination, and other truths that the government actively endeavored to squelch. If he didn’t, who would?

“I mean, a wall of freaky stone taller than our house just happens to be in a cave, out of the public eye? Aliens. It’s perfect.”

“The wall is calcite,” Stuart mumbled. “And caves are underground because…they’re caves?”

His brother sighed. “I was like you once.” Noticing that they were lagging behind, he lurched forward, deciding not to speak on the matter further until he could determine that they were out of listening-device range.


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