Stories by Mail, Day 19 – Lament of the long-suffering support staff



Let him have the glory, Odie thought glumly, drumming his paws on the tripled-locked briefcase he carried. Retirement should’ve been years ago. Entirely devoted to the job, the lion’s share of his work would be classified for decades–but had he ever complained about the stress, the impossible hours that prevented him from starting a family, his profound lack of social life?  Odie was a company beagle.

Now he watched Garfield launch himself into Jon’s car, weighed down with sunscreen, sports equipment, and a visor that didn’t quite fit over his marmalade ears. The tabby would inevitably recover the stolen documents, rescue the ambassador and, if previous assignments were any indicator, probably hobnob with the Prime Minister and crash a state dinner party. Posing as a lazy, lasagna-loving underachiever certainly had benefits.

But Odie would once again assume the role that had defined his life– professional handler, sitting a thousand feet away in his unmarked van, making it all look effortless.

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