Stories by Mail, Day 24 – Appraisals



Emmeline struggled to place the expression on her sister’s primary face. Her own fortune-telling appointment had contained few surprises; her head began to jewelify on her fifth birthday, and once her parents realized she’d become a Diamond, her destiny was locked. Any door opened for her, as long as it led to the careers, universities, spouses, and interests considered acceptable for her social class.

Catrin’s gait seemed turbulent, as if they were walking on a rapidly-shifting surface. “Good news?”,  Emmeline asked as they entered their ship.

Her Sapphire-domed sister sighed, blonde curls bouncing softly. “I’m not sure. The reading proved….inconclusive. She hinted I may have some rough decisions to make soon. I assume yours was glowing, as usual.”

“It was. I’m thrilled,” Emmeline said. She hoped she sounded convincing.

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