Stories by Mail, Day 26 – It does a body good



“…and we’re smiling…and we’re raising the glass nice and high….a little to the left, Daisy. Perfect.” The photographer turned his hand slightly and pressed the shutter, capturing three different angles in a single breath. “Now, drink up…you’re thrilled that your body is getting so many essential nutrients!”  The supermodel concentrated, her eyes fluttering softly.

“Hold it…hold it…great. And we’re slowly lowering the glass….and…there’s the mustache again.” The photographer shook his head. “Daisy, didn’t you ever drink milk when you were a kid?”

Glaugrelhoffmxxmxx tried to think clearly as Daisy’s heartrate accelerated. Confessing that its planet was inhospitable to mammals did not seem like a successful strategy, nor did explaining that it had hijacked a supermodel’s body three days prior and was still learning basic skills. “Um, I did, yes. Milk has always been my preferred Earth liquid for sustenance, Christopher,” the alien said in Daisy’s voice. “I even regularly declined to share my milk with my sire’s other offspring. Ergo, I am occassionally overenthusiastic about its consumption.”

Christopher blinked. Glaugrelhoffmxxmxx felt Daisy’s mouth mold into a smirk–it was clearly a natural at this.

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