Stories by Mail, Day 31 – The light around it



Liliana stood on her front porch facing the door, watching the shadows feed on the mounting darkness all around her. It was only 11 AM, but her eyes adjusted for twilight. Spirals, patterns, geometric shapes she’d never encountered before dripped down her doorframe. She gasped as she peered through the pinhole camera she’d hastily constructed that morning. No eclipse this vast had occurred across the United States since World War I, and it might be another hundred years before any human witnessed one again.

Through the closed door, Liliana could hear fragments of the news program she’d abandoned. The host was interviewing his mother, prodding for her reaction. “It’s just wonderful,” she heard a woman’s voice say. “You can see the light around it and the darkness.”

Slowly, light began to crack through the sky. The 29-year-old marketing consultant wrapped her hand around the doorknob, and then paused. A moment longer.

Just a moment longer.

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