Stories by Mail will be back shortly!

Friends, thanks so much for reading and Liking Stories by Mail!  There will be two new stories tomorrow, and then I’ll be on a break for a week or so.

I am currently between opportunities–my sole source of income is the stories, poems, and cover songs I create every month through Patreon. It’s not enough, but everything helps, and I’m trying to get by as best I can.

I’ll be taking the next few days to focus on crafting new Patreon stories for February. If you haven’t visited my Patreon and enjoy the work I’ve posted here, I would encourage you to look around!  Currently, everything from February 2017 through October 2017 is unlocked, which means you can read and share it even if you’re not a paying backer!

If you’d like to support Stories by Mail and help me buy stamps, etc, you can click here.

Thank you, lit lovers–we’ll be back soon!


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