Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 2: Arrow

“You have failed this city!”

“Not like that,” Oliver said, his chiseled jawline forming into a pout. “You have to inspire terror, you know? Make your voice into a weapon.”

“Your Arrow voice is basically just you with a cold.”  He could hear Felicity’s grin even though the hood shrouding her face. “For the new few hours, I’m the vigilante, and I’ll say my catchphrase however I want. Now, Felicity, where’s he broadcasting from?”  She drew the bow tighter and scowled.

“Uh.” Oliver stared at the screen. “Why I am getting this pop-up?”

His fiance groaned. “We’re all gonna die.”

Maybe I’ll just do both our jobs. Boom.

NaNoBlogMo, Day 2 – The other Felicity

I’m halfway through Season 1 of Arrow, and portions of every episode inevitably become confusing–at some point, Felicity Smoak walks in.

giphy (5).gif

This is a good thing. We LIKE Felicity! But it’s odd watching her from the couch while sitting next to @snarke, who looks, speaks, and acts a lot like our heroine.**

**The television adaptation of Arrow began airing in 2012. @snarke was Felicity first.


Though I’m only 13 episodes in and I’m certain I’ll learn more about her character history later, I currently know that Felicity is ridiculously smart, has a strong moral compass, values loyalty, and can research the hell out of anything (so far, anyway). Today, I discovered that she’s been building computers since she was 7, and she’s been trusted immediately and implicitly with Oliver’s secret.

Obviously, I’m supposed to view Oliver as the hero of the piece–the show’s named after him, after all. It’s true that I’m not a billionaire, or a ninja-archer, or a super-buff crimefighter who spends an awful lot of time forgetting how to wear a shirt. But Oliver also has an overwhelming need to see wrongs righted, to do what he can to further justice, and other superhero-sounding sentiments. Especially in 2017, most of us are able to relate to that, probably more than we’d care to.


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The show’s also given us a socially awkward, often-blathering hacker who saves the day with research. And that’s the heroine I root for.