Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 16 – Firefly / Wayfarers

“Hey there,”  the spunky mechanic grinned, a half-eaten strawberry in one hand. “Need a steamer compression coil compatible with a Firefly transport, Class B. Mine’s on its last cycles. Poor thing’s beggin’ me to let it rest for a spell.”

Pepper raised an eyebrow. “Class B, eh? I’ll check the back. Haven’t seen one of those in years. What, um, brings you to–”

“Oh, my Captain, he’s real insistent that we fix the old girl up pretty soon as we could, and this here was the closest world, that’s all.” Her eyes said Don’t you worry none.

Everyone relaxed.


This drabble was suggested by @Sklcrshrmtn.

We’ll be out of your hair in just a moment now. Gotta be movin’ on right quick, like the Captain says.