Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 11 – John Roderick

Sweat dripped into the tech’s eyes. The presence of unauthorized personnel threatened the safety of everyone at CERN under normal circumstances, but it was especially dangerous during an experiment.  “Sir, step away from the interferometer!”

“Damn thing won’t stay in tune!”,  John Roderick hollered, twisting a 75-lb lever until it shifted the mechanism forward two inches. “I can’t wait for you nerds to fix it!”

“That machine was perfectly calibrated! You’re–”

Blue sparks fizzed from the corner of the room. “I…I tried to avoid this,” the hapless tech whispered. He pressed the oversized button on the console marked BOGGIA.

Black holes, antimatter…feh. I’ve got riffs to pluck. Is that what you do on a ukulele? Pluck?  That sounds too dainty. Someone make a note.