Paintober, Day 28 – A Leaf Shield on the Wind

One of the surefire ways for me to begin sputtering geekily is to get involved with a conversation about Mega Man 2. It’s generally considered the most popular game in the Mega Man series, as well as of the greatest video games of all time.




Air Man? Heat Man? Metal Man? All perfectly reasonable villains for a video game in the late 80s. But Flash Man, with the power of…flashlights?  Quick Man, who looks weirdly like The Flash, and yet we already used that character? Wood Man, who has a shield of leaves for some reason?

In addition to odd powers and unusual characters, the game’s music is also quite catchy, and over the years, fans have remixed them to wondrous effect.

Today’s painting is a watercolor version of Mega Man’s helmet and Mega Buster, with the left side displaying some of the residue after a plasma attack. I used a wildly-alternating sponging pattern for the background. The helmet and cannon are comprised of four different shades of blue.

A leaf shield on the wind.jpg