Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 5 – Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

“Is this really, like, what the kids these days dig, man?”, Janice asked, her golden spaghetti strands flipping. “What’s Uptown Funk, anyway?”

“Janice, it don’t matter. You gotta feel it,” Dr. Teeth grinned, the electric blue feather in his top hat swinging slightly. “You hit dem chords right, it gonna git funky like a chunky chicken on its own. The frogman say dey go loco for dis number.”

The laid-back guitarist raised an eyebrow as she strummed down, then up, tapping her foot to lock the pattern in. “Kinda groovy,” she mumbled. From behind his kit, Animal roared with excitement.

Don’t believe him? Just watch.