NaNoBlogMo, Day 16 – No, thank YOU.

Reader, perhaps like me, you’re an NPR fan.

In addition to being one of America’s most trusted news sources, the network has rich, thoughtful entertainment programming for car enthusiasts, musicians, story lovers, comedy aficionados, cooks, and a multitude of other hobbyists. It’s locally funded (mostly), objective, smart, and enjoys a fine tote bag. Being public radio, the vast majority of its capital is donated directly from listeners. NPR stations conduct pledge drives several times per year to finance their operations. We all love pledge drives.**

**We do not all love pledge drives.

From a University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute study, as reported in Marketwatch, August 2017. 

In the Portland area, NPR content is provided by KOPB-FM, and unless I’m listening to a CD**, it’s what I’ve got playing in my car most of the time. On programming breaks, a voice will say: “Support for OPB comes from our members–thank you–and from the (insert name of the program’s sponsor and a little blurb explaining said sponsor’s mission).”  Depending on how long I spend driving, I can hear this announcement several times per day.

**Yes, a CD. I do have a digital library and own an iPod and all that jazz, but I still have a great deal of affection for physical media, and when I’m purchasing a full album, I’m almost guaranteed to buy the disc rather than the digital download.

Of course, I had an NPR station in my home city, Rochester. And the employees of that station are committed and hard-working, and I’m sure they’re very grateful for the support they receive. But there’s one difference I noticed right away: I like that OPB makes a point of thanking its members each and every time it even mentions them. It’s a pocket-sized touch that continually reminds us that, especially in 2017, we’re all in this together.

On Tiny Desk Concerts, you can (and should) get down with your bagpipin’ self.

I leave you with this song, Reader, which I share frequently, and is one of my favorite things.