Joseph Writes Fanfic Drabbles, Day 13 – RENT

“Listen, I know Mr. Timberlake is a busy man. I’m a busy man myself,” Benjamin Coffin the Third said, not without some measure of pride. He straightened his tie, flashing his warmest smile. “But if you could just–”

The administrative assistant cleared this throat and regarded him sadly. “Mr. Coffin, I…I don’t know when he’ll return. Truthfully, I’ve never met Mr. Timberlake. My supervisor says it’s been years since he’s even visited the building.”

The news crashed into Benny. “But…MySpace can still recover. My investors and I have a five-year plan.”

“Of course, sir,” the assistant said, looking down.


This drabble was suggested by @snarke.

We’re going to phase out Tom, but our research proves that kids are very protective about their Top 8. I’m not in the business of messing with essential features.