NaNoBlogMo, Day 25 – They’re not dolls! They’re action figures! WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS, MOM.

I took the plunge this morning, gentle Reader. I did that which I’ve thought about nearly every day this year, but have been actively avoiding for months.

I cleaned my room.

Now, I understand that revelation may seem unremarkable in the grand scheme of the Universe, but consider: where once I tripped over papery debris, the path is now clear. While I previously was forced to stack books on the floor, now they have a place of rest. My shelves have room. It is a new day, and that day smells like store-brand disinfectant wipes.

Part of the process meant unboxing and arranging the Funko Pops I’ve collected this year, a decision that essentially created two super-teams.

The Happy Accidents Contingency (L to R:  1966 Batmobile, Purple Tentacle, Bob Ross, Dr. Jillian Holtzmann with ECTO-1.

On an initial glance, you might conclude that this team has some disadvantages: the Batmobile is a car, Purple Tentacle is obsessed with world domination, and Bob Ross paints bushes and sticks. However, you would be wrong.

With a persuasive-enough argument, Purple Tentacle’s preoccupation with conquering the Earth can be channeled into productive team-building tasks. Need a computer system cracked, a rent in time repaired, or a villain distracted?  Simply convince Purple that helping you will further his own means!   As for the Batmobile, even the 1966 version comes equipped with “wonderful toys,” as Jack Nicholson’s Joker put it. It’s both a transportation system and a weapons arsenal, and with a touching of reprogramming, it probably wouldn’t even require a sentient driver**

**which is fortunate, because Batfleck isn’t joining this outfit.

Further down, there’s Bob Ross, whose voice is so soothing that he can lure evil to sleep. Prior to his career as an artist, though, Ross was a drill sergeant in the US Air Force who spent most of his time hollering at soldiers for infractions like being late and not making their beds. When the mission requires it, the man can be forceful. Pair that with Holtzmann’s wit and technical genius, and The Happy Accidents Contingency will cut a fool.

BUT WAIT. What of the OTHER team?

Justice For Barb (L to R:  Octopus wearing a fez, Tulip O’Hare, Alana, Marko, Heimdall, Barb.

As readers of Saga know, Alana and Marko are battle-tested soldiers, although they’d much rather just curl up with their daughter and eat some toast. Heimdall is an Asgardian warrior who can see through time and space, and Tulip is such a badass that she once built a bazooka out of coffee cans. Barb brings common sense, practicality, and fierce glasses to the team. Also, there’s an octopus wearing a fez, for the love for Pete.

Either of these teams would be formidable enough on its own–but imagine a crossover. We could call it Justice for Happy Accidents.****   There’s no skirmish from which it couldn’t prevail–or IS THERE?

****We’re definitely not calling it that.

Part of me is still 7, and I’m glad for it.


NaNoBlogMo, Day 1 – The post script’s post script

I’m doing that which I ne’er imagined I would; I’ve become one of those people who engages in NaNoWhoseewhatsis shenanigans.

“Well,” I said to myself, “Obviously, I need to begin with Stranger Things. There’s so much to process.”  Then I immediately realized two things:

1. When people type “I said to myself,” there’s a rather high probability that they didn’t say anything at all.

2. Season 2 of Stranger Things was released less than a week ago; many people haven’t watched it yet. Do I want it said, when the books are closed and our history is writ, that one time in 2017, I was a spoiler? That I gazed upon the field of television experiences, sought out the Stranger crop, and said “Lo! Behold this fine crop which I shall now INFECT WITH LOCUSTS.”

Nay, Reader. I do not.

That’s the problem with spoilers: they lead to locusts.

As is the fashion these days, Stranger Things apparently has an aftershow, which I realized only finishing the series. Were it not for the fact that it’s on a competing network, I’m sure the King of the Post-Game Show would be bouncing all over the studio**

giphy (2).gif

**and he’d probably hand out Eggos to everyone in the audience.

So naturally, I had to wonder: are we already headed for Aftershowception?  Is 2018 going to be the year when Chris Hardwick hosts a show about the show he just hosted about the show?  How meta is too meta for geeks?

And while I’m pondering, how long did it take the stylists every morning to touch up Axel’s hair?


I am on a curiosity voyage and I need my paddles to travel. 

Paintober, Day 16 – Upside Down

It’s the fin-al post-card. Da da da daaa. Dum de da da daaaaa.

A few hours ago, I finished Season 1 of Stranger Things, which I began yesterday afternoon. Although it’s only 8 episodes, I’d assumed it would take me several days, but it turns out that the show is simply too good, and I am but mortal.

It seemed fitting, then, that the last postcard in the deck should be a view of The Upside Down. Tomorrow, I’ll move on to artist’s tiles.

The base of the card is lamp black, sponged onto an incredibly wet  surface. I added crimson and forest green, washed away a sizable percentage of the evidence, then added much brighter colors for hope. It’s what the residents of Hawkins would want.

Postal version:

Upside down.jpg

With a multiply effect:

Upside down after

Really craving some Eggos for some reason.