Paintober, Day 25 – Whenever You Don’t Call

One of my most joyful discoveries in terms of music in the last 5 years was Tally Hall, courtesy of my friend Sean. Self-described as “wonky rock,” the band recorded a handful of EPs and two full-length albums, the last of which was released in 2011.

They’re life-changing. Really.

Today’s painting is based on “Greener,” a song with particular meaning for me, and uses three shades of forest green at different levels of dilution. The lyric in the center was added with black brushpen.

The numbers at the top, in purple, are derived from a section of the song’s first verse:

Seconds tick like boulders
Whenever you don’t call
Does it seem like that where you are?
Wherever it is you are
Does it seem like that where you are?

Original version:

whenever you don't call

With linear light, lighten, luminosity, multiply, and grain effects:

whenever you don't call after