Stories by Mail, Day 43 – We’d prefer to redefine this relationship



Pooh leaned in a smidge closer, straining to hear the bee’s high-pitched warbling rant. He tried to recall if he had encountered this particular bee during a previous burglary. The hive-dwellers buzzed about so quickly that he’d never been able to study their faces, and ask directly seemed rude.

“…at a very reasonable price!”, the bee squeaked. “Your enthusiasm for our honey is well known, Pooh, but you simply cannot continue in this fashion! You have repeatedly demolished our factory and its attached condo park.” The bee bobbed erratically. It was a mid-level accountant and unaccustomed to interspecies diplomacy. “My hive pays the most exorbitant insurance rates in the entire Hundred Acre Wood!  Sit down with our sales team, Pooh. We can find a solution that works for everyone.”

“Let me consider your proposal, Sir Bee,” Pooh said. The bee nodded and nervously sped away. The hungry bear sighed as his stomach rumbled. “Oh, bother,” he said wistfully, heading towards The Chestnuts. Owl would know what to do.

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